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Lama Ole Nydahl's letter about Hannah (2007)

Dearest worldwide students and friends,

Hannah left us April 1st, 01:43 Central European time in the finest of style.

After five months of disease and three of knowing that it was deadly, her last hours expressed the essence of her life. With the handful of friends around her who were doctoring and nursing her and under an enormous dosage of morphine, she returned 15 times to her body, re-starting it with a jolt from clinical death to see if it could still be of use. As cancer had destroyed her brain and her lungs already came up as a bloody mush, this was clearly not possible and I convinced her to let go. With our Phowa and the first lines of the Dewachen-wishes she returned to space, timeless and beautiful.

Though losing her is an amputation and the wound is deep, I thank Hannah for insisting so strongly on having me constantly at her side. She inspired me since we met first in '51 in the woods north of Copenhagen and especially since October '06 I used every moment to learn from her what I could. I hope to bring some of that over.

As you can imagine, work for the perfection of all goes on and may we meet soon.


P.S. As we are thousands of lay Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Buddhists around the world and there is no frame at present for hosting all, we shall celebrate Hannah when we place her ashes in a stupa on the high grounds of our World-Centre. H.H. Karmapa totally supports this wish. The finest gift to Hannah now is to continue your practice.

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